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Guido Magnaguagno, art historian and former curator of Kunsthaus Zurich

"...Though shizuko yoshikawa belongs to the second generation of 'Zurich Concretes', following her 'farbschatten' (color shadows) reliefs in the seventies (with an exhibition at Kunsthaus Zurich in 1980) she has increasingly gravitated back toward her eastern roots. As material aspects receded, the invisible as a 'cosmic network structure' became the central theme of her work. In 1993 she presented her works at House for Constructive und Concrete Art in Zurich under the title 'zwei energien' (two energies) - Bauhaus tradition and Far Eastern philosophy of life - taken from the title of a painting of the same name. The engagement with the form of the tondo led her to the 'kosmische gewebe' (cosmic webs), consisting of shaped 'energien aus der leere'(energies from the void)..."

from Mitteilungsblatt, Kunsthaus Zurich, 2000